Mission and Vision


Adopting the principle of raising the socio-economic and cultural level of the society by using contemporary education-training and research techniques, a researcher, critical thinker, open to change and development, assimilating science, reason and universal human values, approaching different thoughts and lifestyles with empathy and understanding, rationalist To train individuals who develop solutions, develop ethical values, and use the knowledge and skills they have acquired for the development of the country through graduate programs aimed at contributing to science and technology at local and universal level, who are loyal to the basic principles of the Republic of Turkey, and who respect democratic and ethical values. In addition, prioritizing scientific thought, equipped with advanced professional knowledge,


Our institute aims to be an institution with a high prestige and preference by following innovations in education and research, contributing to its region, country and humanity with its scientific research projects and interdisciplinary programs. To become an Institute that respects different views, is a participatory and interdisciplinary educational infrastructure, where social, scientific and ethical norms are examined and questioned in an academic style, to be preferred and to aim at continuity in increasing its scientific quality, and to provide qualified education in the related fields of our universities. To open master's and doctorate programs in order to meet the needs of staff and to ensure that these programs are carried out with modern tools and equipment in accordance with the requirements of the age,


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