Message from the Director of the Institute

Dear Students,

According to the Presidential Decree published in the Official Gazette dated October 23, 2020 and numbered 31283, Hitit University Graduate Education Institute was established to replace the Social Sciences, Health Sciences and Science Institutes, which have been continuing education and training activities within Hitit University since 2006. Thus, the departments and programs of the three institutes were combined under the roof of the newly established Hitit University Graduate Education Institute.

In this direction, the Graduate School of Education was established by merging existing institutes in accordance with the strategic plan and objectives of our University.To produce information of a universal nature in accordance with the requirements of the age, to use this information according to the social and economic needs of the local scale, to be participatory, ethical, sharing andprofessionals with national sensitivitiesaims to provide education at international quality standards by educating

With this understanding, the main purpose of the Graduate Education Institute of Hitit University is to support the training of specialists with career and qualifications who can work in every institution and organization in the world and in Turkey, and to produce graduates equivalent to the master's and doctorate programs recognized by developed countries.

Today, more than thirty departments and more than sixty programs, consisting of almost all fields of social sciences, natural sciences and health sciences, continue their education and training activities in our Institute. In addition, considering the needs of the region and our country, efforts to open new programs and especially interdisciplinary master's and doctoral programs continue. In these programs, over 270 Professors, Associate Professors and Dr. The lecturer teaches courses related to their fields.


Dear students and prospective students,

With its rich academic staff, program diversity, elective courses, different areas of expertise and the difference of Hitit University; Let your new career be an expert, senior management and academician in your field. We invite prospective students who share the same vision with us, are innovative and have goals, to join the Hitit University Graduate Education Institute family.


Prof. Dr. Muhammed Asif YOLDAS

Director Of The İnstitution


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